Gold in your Memories

Gold in your Memories
Gold in your Memories
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Deep in our memories lie golden moments of true joy. Instances of self-discovery, unique experiences of true intimacy, glimpses of God ... all lie sleeping in our memories waiting to be awakened and appreciated anew.

Macrina Wiederkehr shares a wealth of effective ways to awaken the memories within. Her use of creative rituals, personal symbols, and pilgrimages to hallowed places invites us to make similar journeys to our past. She offers a mosaic of her own memories and reflections on books whose characters and authors bring her back to key moments in her life. Her warm and engaging style is complemented by her stirring poetry and evocative prayers.

Wiederkehr deftly puts us in touch with the spiritual energy that resides within each of us and empowers us to make new memories every day that we live.

Paperback. 168 pages. ISBN: 978-0-87793-664-0

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